You are invited to collaborate with students in the four JUSTICE classes. Students who collaborate will be given special consideration for publication in the magazine showcase at the end of the quarter.

To facilitate collaboration, you will be asked to post a paragraph on this website every week about your work in progress----both visually and verbally.

Every week a new blog post will appear here titled as your class name and the week number. Post your paragraph as a comment. Thus: 9 weeks => 9 posts => 9 paragraphs as comments. (no post due week 10)

In your paragraph write about what you are working on, what you might want to collaborate on, and your contact info! Also-- Keep posting even after you've found a collaborator, (i.e post about what you are collaborating on).

Students may collaborate in many ways, including:

1. If students are working on similar topic, you contact each other, plan and propose that your work to appear together in the magazine.
2. Even if your topics don't "match," writers may be working on a topic, and photographers on illustrative images that might be paired together.
3. Even if you aren't sure you want to collaborate with something, you may want to share some experience, like doing an interview or going together to an activity.
4. Or you may simply be inspired and get energy for your own work by reading about the ideas of other photographers/writers.

Weekly blog will post on Monday, responses are due by Sunday night!
Amy Martinez
1/1/2012 04:31:15 am

Amy Martinez
714 425 5250 (unlimited texting)

I will be working on illustrating the other side to what society has labeled "gang" members. The only time you see these individuals is when they are incarcerated, killed, and or in cuffs. I want to visually show that there is more these individuals than what is shown in popular media and academic literature. I am a McNair scholar who has been documenting the lives of young men here in Santa Barbara -hoping to show through their voices the struggles they deal with because of their "gang" (or what I like to call street tribe) aesthetics. However, I want to make my project 3-D. I have never taken an art or photography class so I would definitely love to collaborate with anyone who can bring what I see and write through a different lens -photography. I want to create a portfolio of the young men I have been following for about 2 years. My mentor is Dr. Victor M. Rios in the sociology department. Looking forward to working with anyone who has vision and seeks to create social justice.


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    This section is to help you find students in the other classes to collaborate with.

    - Find the blog post titled with your class.
    - As a comment, write a two-sentence description of your project + your name + contact info
    - Read comments from other classes to find students/projects you are interested in working with/on.


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