"Dignity is the core of justice."
- Victor Rios
Respond to this quote.. How does it work with you? How does it relate to your project? What does it mean?

Think of questions for Bart Lubow, speaking THIS week, Feb. 15 and Dustin Olson, speaking next week, Feb. 22.
Below is some background information for both to help you start formulating questions.

- Bart Lubow, Director of Annie E. Casey Foundation Juvenile Justice Strategy Group
    No Place for Kids, Annie E. Casey Foundation Report
- Dustin Olson, Chief of the UC Santa Barbara Police Department (with Lieutenant Ray Vuillemainroy, Isla Vista Foot Patrol)
   Article about student arrest and video of iv foot patrol firebombing
   video of the uc davis pepper spraying is already on Justice resource page:
    Questions students might ask for a respectful discussion:
        for uc police: how does the fallout of uc davis pepper spraying affect policies and practices of ucsb police?
        for sheriff's rep: are tensions between students and law enforcement escalating with Occupy and other movement? (The              student arrested reportedly attended SB Occupy events.)

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