_As a comment, write one paragraph about what you are interested in working on for this class + your name + contact info
1/17/2012 07:27:23 am

Economic Justice Dispute:

I would like to further investigate the allegations against E&Y for the firms involvement in $50 billion of fraudulent account charges made by Lehman Brother's. E&Y, Lehman's primary auditors collected over $150 million from Lehman brothers for writing off on "repo 105" transactions. The big dispute is whether E&Y should also take responsibly for the firms involvement in fraud and for misleading investors. Should E&Y also be charged for misleading investors? As their primary auditors they are required to properly portray the financial position of the company - which they wrote-off for seven years. Should E&Y repay the state the profits they made from Lehman brothers? If E&Y is held accountable their reputation will not only be at stack but the firm also faces the possible bankruptcy as well.

Cissy Ross
1/22/2012 09:30:03 am

Christian...this is promising topic. Who can you interview?

christan schaefer
1/24/2012 07:04:46 am

Hi Professor Ross -

I am thinking of interviewing a few employees E&Y, my father who was a former CEO, my sister who works for KPMG, and also Douglas Kulper in the economics department.

christan schaefer
1/24/2012 07:01:03 am

More concentrated question/idea:

Law, although it strives to be in harmony with ethics, it is not synonymous to ethics. Since the fall of Enron in 2002, an outburst of fraud has breached the corporate surface. In such a criminal case, as corporate fraud, should the parties involved in fraudulent behavior be punished based solely on what is deemed illegal? We reward ethical behavior when it acts harmoniously with the law; but can ethical behavior ever override the law.

Amy martinez
1/17/2012 11:39:19 am

I am currently trying to figure out how I can start working on my paper. I am most likely going to take each section and start working solely on that section until I have the whole paper done, in where I can make sure the whole paper flows.

Cissy Ross
1/22/2012 09:32:00 am

We'll be reviewing the due dates for various sections in class on Tuesday. You can check out the prompt for the first piece due Thursday--the research proposal and annotated bibliography. The dues dates for the rest of the "pieces" are included:


Derrick Chung
1/17/2012 11:47:57 am

The problem I would like to focus on in my research project revolves around an international justice problem. I want to look into the concept of whether or not the label of “fair trade”, which is used by many companies and corporations in recent days has an positive impact on the consumers choice to buy their product. Because the concept of fair trade centers around equal treatment and payment of wage to the makers of the products, justice is served, supposedly, by certifying that these laborers can sustain a comfortable lifestyle with the earnings of their labors. Also, I would like to see if people of one color or another (the consumers) are attracted to fair trade products. For example, I would like to look into whether or not white people are more inclined to buy fair trade products, and for what reasons, as opposed to black people for example.

Cissy Ross
1/22/2012 09:33:42 am

You will probably want to narrow your focus to fair trade of one kind of commodity, such as coffee or another product. It's a lot to bite off the whole issue globally in a 10-page paper. Also you will need to do some interviews. Who?

1/19/2012 03:09:00 am

I'm interested in dealing with the marginalized and often controversial transgender and extreme identity population. I want to see how gender roles and common perceptions of gender shape the way youths are treated and handled in the system.

Email me:

chris at chrissilva dot net

Cissy Ross
1/22/2012 09:34:47 am

Sounds interesting. You need to start thinking about what specifically your research question is...and who you might interview?

Abby Whyte
1/22/2012 04:09:34 pm

Here's an interesting article about parents that concealed their sons identity until he was five.


1/22/2012 04:10:47 pm

concealed his gender** (not identity)

Meghan Harris
1/22/2012 10:43:24 am

I am set on exploring the topic of undocumented students, struggling to remain in the States during their schooling. At this point however, I am in the very rough stages of figuring out how to divide up my paper. Most of my information is stemming from news articles, and I am a little stumped as to how to go about finding semi-recent journal articles, as well as potential interviewees? Open to any suggestions and advice!


Abby Whyte
1/22/2012 04:06:42 pm

I dont know if this helps but theres a morgan spurlock film about this. He stays in the home with an undocumented family and the daughter is trying to get into college.

I couldnt find a video clip, but heres a synopsis


1/22/2012 12:20:53 pm

I want to write about kids in juvenile detention centers and what they think of as a role model and the programs that would better them. I have looked into the beat within and want to try to work with them and the Los prietos boys, so I am going to talk to David after his lecture wednesday.

1/23/2012 09:34:49 am

I am still interested in writing about yoga & meditation in prison systems. Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to visit or interview anyone with knowledge about this subject when I visited San Francisco this last weekend. I hope to schedule interviews within the next couple of weeks with yoga instructors who have taught yoga & meditation in prisons.

I would also like to visit the facilities themselves, but how do I ask for inmate interviews? Or how to go to the prisons with a student from the art class to capture some photos?

Professor Richard Ross, I would really appreciate your advice on how to go about doing this. Thank you!

Jill Agonias
1/23/2012 09:36:56 am

Opps! I posted this in the wrong forum. I'm sorry!

Jenah Mangione
1/23/2012 12:27:59 pm

I would like to look further into the role that gender plays within the United States Military, specifically concentrating on women's experience within the Military. Women have been banned from participating in roles that would put them in direct combat with the enemy (i.e. infantry), which in turn diminishes their combat time and experience thus limiting their opportunity for job promotions and increased salary. Along with their restricted opportunities women soldiers are also often victims of objectification and sexual abuse by their fellow male soldiers, a serious yet extremely underreported issue.

Jenah Mangione
1/24/2012 12:00:06 pm

So I think my research question will be... How does gender affect women soldiers' experience within the United States Military? More specifically how does it affect job opportunities, and their own mental/physical health as a minority population in a predominately male atmosphere?

If anyone knows of any females in the military that would be open to being interviewed I would really appreciate the help!


Christopher Elder
1/23/2012 12:38:19 pm

I'm going to try and understand how veterans administrations help United States' war veterans broaden their horizons after their military services. So far I have researched a little bit on the Santa Barbara and Los Angeles Veterans Administration wesbites. I have also recounted my experience volunteering at the Los Angeles Veterans Administration. However, I am open to advice and anyone who knows of anyone who has served in our military services and is willing to schedule an interview with me. I am still in the early processes and looking to gather more information and people for interviews. Any help is appreciated, feel free to shoot me an E-mail.


Andrew Fisher
1/23/2012 04:01:49 pm


For my paper on Justice, I want to explore mental illness in connection with the criminal justice system. In many cases instead of getting the person with a mental illness the proper help and medication needed, they are thrown right into the criminal justice system. As with many people thrown into the criminal justice system, they are stuck in an unfair perpetual system. Instead of dealing with the illness many just have the book thrown at them.

Erika Maldonado
1/23/2012 06:07:43 pm

My topic is on reproductive justice. I am hoping to focus on access to basic reproductive health services. I will be looking into Planned Parenthood also as a member of VOX (Voices for Planned Parenthood) I hope to provide any kind of insight on any reproductive issue to anyone with a similar topic.

If anyone has questions, please email me at erikajasmine90@gmail.com

Isabella Lam
1/24/2012 02:55:43 am

I have contact a student who is from the photograph class. Also with Ching, we will collaborate to do the project of animal justice, and we are going to interview the Santa Barbara dog adoption and welfare group. I think we can extend different aspects. First, the question will be focus on what has the government done for the pet adoption and animal care in the past, present, and future. This is looking for the amount of resource that government has provided. Is it enough? Second, we will look at the animal abuse problems. It will mainly focus on the pets. Third, I want to know what people’s attitudes on “being a good owner.” Do they act like what they say? Do they know what their pets’ needs?

Aaron Voit
1/24/2012 03:27:16 am

I am interested in exploring uses of information and communication technologies (ICTs) as a means for social and economic justice in developing nations. In the age when information is the number one commodity in our economy, the digital divide hinders the economic of those who cannot access valuable information. ICT solutions can enable the poorest of people in the hardest to reach areas access to information that empowers social and economic development. This is particularly true in developing nations where the rural impoverished suffer daily from a lack of access to in some cases life-saving information.

Michael Lange
1/24/2012 05:28:38 am

Globalization has allowed media to reach cultures once completely isolated. Many have argued that it forces westernization, causing the loss of indigenous norms and ideals. Others say that the countries adapt the media in unique ways in order to fit their culture, giving them more tools to define and even redefine themselves through this creation of a popular culture. I read a case study in Malta where the youth believed they were “Malta by nationality but not my culture”. To be western was to be cool and forward thinking, while adhering to the beliefs of the elders was considered backwards.

In the 21st century it is inevitable that the world will be shift more and more in the direction of complete global interconnectedness. Are these once inaccessible media messages giving the youth of cultures the tools to define themselves and redefine their culture? Is this a good thing? Are they completely throwing their local culture’s values and history out the window for the embracement of the western culture?

Colin Mak
1/24/2012 05:30:41 am

I am working on "Justice on Wallstreet". Since the topic is really broad, I'm still trying to narrow it down to a very specifc area such as "capitalism vs socialism" or "social security vs private markets".

Josh Cannon
1/24/2012 05:44:03 am

I am researching whether or not the BCS system in college football is "fair", in terms of competitive and economic equality. Congress has met a bunch of times with the BCS and the NCAA over the past ten or so years, discussing whether a potential playoff or the current bowl system works better. I don't really know how i would do any "primary research" on it, but i have found scripts from congress' meetings over the years which i can definitely use to form my argument. Open to any suggestions! jcannon@umail.ucsb.edu

Kevin Liao
1/25/2012 06:07:39 am

My research is to determine how police misconduct affects civilians. There are various sorts of police misconduct and each seem to create a more distant relationship.I am also interested in viewing the topic from the perspective of a law enforcement.

1/25/2012 06:15:13 am



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