This week we want to see progress! How have you moved from the idea phase to the doing phase, writing phase, research phase, shooting phase... What steps have you taken and what progress have you made? What are your next steps?

Photo kids: this is a great time to get images produced thus far up on your blog and post the link here for feedback, etc.

Tell us + give a quick sentence refresher of your idea/project.
Don't forget your name and email!


Aaron Voit
02/02/2012 11:05

I am interested in exploring uses of information and communication technologies (ICTs) as a means for social and economic justice in developing nations. In the age when information is the number one commodity in our economy, the digital divide hinders the economic of those who cannot access valuable information. ICT solutions can enable the poorest of people in the hardest to reach areas access to information that empowers social and economic development. This is particularly true in developing nations where the rural impoverished suffer daily from a lack of access to in some cases life-saving information.

The first person I hope to interview is a representative of the Grameen Foundation. I have e-mailed the organization's public relations director and am awaiting a response. I have also spoken with a contact in the organization who is helping to facilitate the process. My goal is to have interviewed a field worker currently working, or with experience working, with information and communication technologies in developing nations of social and economic justice.

Cissy Ross
02/06/2012 19:25

Is there someone you can interview here--without waiting for a response to an email? Good plan...but also have plan B.

Aaron Voit
02/14/2012 13:49

I am exploring application of ICTs for Poverty Reduction in Developing Nations, but am having trouble zeroing in on a specific research question. Phrased in a research question, this could be "What are applications of ICTs for Poverty Reduction in Developing Nations." Because we have only completed a preliminary literature review, I phrased it as a statement only for the time being, until the question can be further developed. The tentative question I would like to address is: Are applications of ICTs for Poverty Reduction in Developing Nations consistent with academic findings regarding the most effective applications of ICTs? This is still a work in progress, but I think its a very good start for not having collected any data yet and still investigating the subject.

Josh Cannon
02/02/2012 13:31

Just pluggin along through the Congress scripts, each one is about 50 pages so its guna take awhile. Gettting some great info and opinions from the leaders of the BCS and the NCAA

Cissy Ross
02/03/2012 12:52

Josh...explain your basic are exploring the fairness of the system to select college teams for bowl championship games.

Cissy Ross
02/06/2012 19:25

You have to keep explaining your research question each week, so other students can understand what you are doing.

Azusena Gallegos
02/02/2012 13:36

Im researching where the mentally ill who commit crimes end up. Jail or mental health programs? Additionally, I want to know what professionals such as police officials and mental health providers think about this situation.

The first person I plan to interview is a past TA. I have emailed her already and I am just waiting for her response.

Cissy Ross
02/03/2012 12:53

You could also be trying to contact local professional in organizations that help the mentally ill. Don't be waiting for email responses only.

Luis Ceja
02/02/2012 13:41

I am researching the procedures that police officers have to take when they confront a criminal and the type of force they can use until it is considered excessive force.
The first person that I plan on interviewing is a police officer, most likely from Goleta, but I still have not got in contact with them.

Cissy Ross
02/06/2012 19:27

Luis...You have changed your idea...need update here.

Andrew Fisher
02/05/2012 21:00

I am researching if programs that help the mentally ill before and after arrests help prevent further arrests. And if programs that train cops to be more sensitive help prevent more arrests for the mentally ill. So far I have interview one person, and I am still researching. This week I will start on the writing phase. Next Friday I have another interview set up as well.

Cissy Ross
02/06/2012 19:28

Can you give some details about who you are interviewing--not necessary the name but how they fit into your research?

Andrew Fisher
02/06/2012 21:36

I interviewed a man that was on the head of the board of a Santa Barbara chapter of a mental health group. He got into the mental health field because he had a son that was arrested many times and eventually was put into a program. The interview gave me both a personal side as well as an informative side to the issue.

Meghan Harris
02/06/2012 12:06

Research question: What are the academic prospects for undocumented students?

As of now, I think I am going to limit my research to specific cases and issues occurring in California (versus all of America).

I have two meetings set up for tonight (Monday, 2/6):
(1) I am attending a meeting for the on-campus organization, I.D.E.A.S. where I will listen in on their involvement with the matter, as well as obtain further contacts for individual interviews
(2) I am meeting with a family friend who has knowledge on the matter (he is documented but has friends, etc. who are not...)

Talking to other sources about interviews as well...

Minami Coirin
02/06/2012 14:20

I'm not sure if Professor Ross has you read the same articles as the Writ107 Journalism class but we just read a great article on undocumented students and education. It was surrounding the "Dream Act" fighting for undocumented students to be able to attend college, etc. Hopefully this link will work:

That is a link to the article we read. If it doesn't work I'm sure you could as Cissy for it! Definitely good background reading to help aim your own feature.

Cissy Ross
02/06/2012 19:29

Good! Keep going!

02/06/2012 19:03

I am working on gang aesthetics/tattoos, street tribes, & resilience among street life oriented "gang associated youth". I have some interviews with some young people this week and will be taking photographs of their tattoos

Cissy Ross
02/06/2012 19:30

Great! Looking forward to reading results of your interview.

Christopher Elder
02/06/2012 19:36

How is the United States government working with war veterans returning from recent wars to help alleviate post traumatic stress disorder?

I have lined up a couple of interviews with war veterans back home who are neighbors of my family. They are willing to conduct interviews over the phone this week and help inform me about the treatment of soldiers who have returned home from fighting in recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Kevin Liao
02/06/2012 20:18

My research is on police brutality and how it affects the relationship between civilians and police officers. I plan on attending the occupy SB movement this weekend along with Pat from photojournalism and Mariana from 107

Cissy Ross
02/07/2012 08:46

The Occupy SB movements have been relatively peaceful and small compared to other cities, like Oakland. If it is in SB, that will be SB Police Department vs. IV (Sheriff) and campus (UCSB police). I'm unaware of any charges of police brutality with Occupy movements in SB, although there have been allegations/investigations of mistreatment of young people, especially minorities. Are you wanting to focus on the Occupy movements...or local law enforcement? Or both?

Hannah Meade
02/06/2012 22:06

I am sticking to my plan of doing a piece on the injustice surrounding many elderly people in our country. I am planning on going to a nursing home this weekend to interview some staff members as well as elderly persons who are willing. If anyone else is interested in this topic, please let me know. I would love to have some photographic documentation!

kristina parido
02/06/2012 22:51

My research question has shifted to the programs for youth in the juvenile justice system because it was going to be hard to get inside a detention center. I am trying to get in contact with the Santa Barbara County Probation office for an interview on the programs they provide and hopefully the IV Teen Center can offer some help. Any other thoughts on people that would be helpful to interview would be appreciated Thanks!

Ching Shuen Ngai (Katie)
02/07/2012 09:12

My new question is going to be :Do customers think it is just to do experiments on animals for the development of cosmetics? I will start interview people about questions relate to my topic and test the knowledge of the clerks of some cosmetic brand that still using animal testing.

02/07/2012 11:07

I'm in the research/interview phase of my project. I've lined up some transsexual and gender bending subjects that I'm planning on photographing and interviewing. I'm also using the online library paper database to read/cite case studies related to my project.

Jenah Mangione
02/07/2012 13:51

I have revised my research question in an attempt to narrow down my research topic.
My revised question is: How does gender affect female soldiers' job opportunities within the U.S. Military as well as their mental and physical health?
*I also am thinking of just focusing on one of those topics, perhaps sexual assault within the military to be more specific... thoughts?

I also will be conducting a phone interview with a family friend who has agreed to talk about her experience serving in the military.

Kelly Kastanos
02/07/2012 14:24

I am currently researching my topic which is the compensation for wrongfully convicted criminals. I am finding a lot of information about particular cases in which DNA was involved and am also finding that the law varies from state to state for compensation. Some states release exonorees with absolutely nothing, not even an apology.

christan schaefer
02/07/2012 14:34

Question: Should the accountants of large financial corporations be held liable for firms engagements in fraudulent transactions?

I have done extended research on Lehamn Brothers along with the Madoff case and have also talked to Douglas Kulper with regards to his stance on both counts of fraud.

Isabella Lam
02/21/2012 17:32

I have intereviewed ten more individual representing different age groups, and try to find out what their attitudes on animal euthanasia and animal overpopulated problem in animal shelters.

05/30/2012 20:50

Excellent! I admire all the helpful data you've shared in your articles. I'm looking forward for more helpful articles from you. :)

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