_As a comment, write one paragraph about what you are interested in working on for this class + your name + contact info
1/19/2012 03:41:23 pm

I interviewed a student from WRTI 107J who was also interested in animal rights. She had a lot of valid an interesting points to make about the topic, and we were considering collaborating on the final project together. She is specifically interested in horse stables and ex-racehorses. I think this is a good topic because it is less publicized than factory farming, which was the topic I was orignially interested in.

I also sent in a letter to John Harris from Harris Ranch in Coalinga/Fresno, and was immediately declined access. Harris Ranch was a victim of arsen last week by unknown animals rights activists, so they are extremely sensitive to having outside sources photograph their facility at the moment. There was more to the response letter that got me a little fired up, but now I am even more excited to try to get in anywhere I can to photograph. I just have to figure out the best strategy to go about doing that.

1/24/2012 03:02:28 pm


Andrea Napoli
1/20/2012 03:24:29 am

818 926 0146

I am interested in working on researching the education system. I want to compare the structure, facilities, and quality of the schools in the Los Angeles area based on economic situation in the area,

I also read a atudent's idea about working in the Fashion District in LA and thought I might change my focus to collaborate with her if I cannot gain enough access to schools. If Lesly is reading this, contact me!

I have left comments on a few people's topics, but have yet to find an interviewee. If anyone would like to be interviewed, contact me.

Lesly Chan
1/23/2012 11:59:01 am

I saw your comment on my post from last week, and I am so sorry I did not get back to you sooner about the interview and collaboration!! I really need to get into the habit of checking for comments more often.

Anyways, I would love to meet you and throw some ideas around! The reason why I am choosing the LA garment industry is because there is a lot to be said about the justice and injustice between the three levels of society making up the industry: designers, manufacturers, and consumers. I want to look closely at the top of the pyramid versus the bottom, and LA is a great place for that because there are sweatshops, fashion design schools such as FIDM, and consumers galore. I feel that it would be easy to access these resources, except for sweatshops, which could be challenging to get inside. If you'd like to get together this week, please text me or shoot me an email! I've also been in contact with Melissa and Sasza in your class about this project.


Ellen Campbell
1/20/2012 10:14:44 am

Today I interviewed Heather Lane from SOC108F. She is focusing on the sexual double standard between men and women. We found that our projects have a lot in common so I am glad to have had the chance to interview and possibly further collaborate with her.

I will be attending next week's KUFF meeting on Wednesday to meet people who may be interested in being apart of my project.

Abby Whyte
1/22/2012 03:55:26 pm

Hi, I saw your week 1 post but didnt get a chance to reply. I am interested in collaborating on your project. Could you email me with what you're planning on doing and maybe we can swap some ideas back an forth? I may not end up doing this topic for my justice project but either way i would be interested in helping you out with an interview or something.

Abby aim2108@yahoo.com

Andrea Vargas
1/20/2012 10:15:31 am

I have decided to focus on the topic of same-sex relationships and gender identity/discrimination. As of now I'm thinking of taking a more intimate approach, incorporating narratives or experiences of certain people. I also want to document places where hate crimes have occurred in the area and possibly in other places. I am still in need of someone to interview so if anyone is interested, please contact me either at andrea01@umail.ucsb.edu or by texting 562-708-5208.


Richard Ross
1/21/2012 03:07:26 am

Andrea. I have absolutely no time for anything on the planet. But the idea I suggested to you...I think can be amplified....and done really nicely. Want to collaborate with me?

Andrea Vargas
1/21/2012 10:04:15 am

Yes I'd be interested in collaborating with you. I'm working on writing down my ideas to approaching this project more clearly/concisely so that it will be easier to visualize and brainstorm.

Alaina Judd
1/21/2012 05:23:25 am

This week I interviewed Mackensie about her project. She wanted to originally focus on eating disorders but her initial idea was turned down so she is currently figuring out how to rework it. Although her topic did not have much to do with mine she is a journalist for the nexus and gave me advice on how to improve my own journalistic skills.

I also rewrote my letter to planned parenthood and am sending it this weekend. I will update when I receive a reply.

richard ross
1/23/2012 01:08:37 am

How was she turned down?

Alaina Judd
1/23/2012 12:25:02 pm

She told me that she posted about eating disorders and was told that it was overdone. We had a long conversation about how to slightly alter the project to focus not only on anorexia and bulimia but also obesity and maybe even just mental health.

Brittany Tippings
1/21/2012 08:49:20 am

323 485 8722

I am doing an interview with Allison Ly from the soc 108f class. She is also interested in the dynamic of low income and single parent households. I am hoping to gain more insight and ideas from our interview and we are also looking to collaborate in the future.

As for progress on the letter of access I plan to send it to the Department of Social Services and I am asking for access to families and to tag along with a social worker to talk with families and work with the department. I have been discussing with an Aunt who worked for the Department of Social Services for a while, she is helping me try and go abut it the correct way. We'll see what the results are.

1/22/2012 08:40:24 am

This week I went to Downtown Santa Barbara to shoot some photos at Santa Barbara Court House. I posted one of the pictures I took on my own blog, http://senseofjustice.tumblr.com/ As for the interview, I have contacted one of the students from Writing 107J and I’ll be interviewing her.

Richard ross
1/23/2012 01:10:51 am

Good looking blog. Not hard to do.
Keep it going.

1/22/2012 12:15:45 pm

This week I interviewed a student in WRTI 107J and discussed a possible collaboration effort into the injustices of coming from an interracial background. I also created a blog to document my research and images.


Claire Bredenoord
1/23/2012 04:11:36 am

On Saturday I interviewed Dwayne Jackson from SOC 108F. I found out that he is a McNair student studying how cultural mistrust and the self-fulfilling prophecy work against Black students, focusing on the middle school age. For this class, however, he is examining race and the tokenization of diversity within the Resident Assistant staff on campus. It was great to get another perspective of where people of color acknowledge race in their lives and how it affects them.

As for my project as a whole, my ideas are being influenced greatly by the readings we have for Studying People. What constitutes "whiteness" or something that is perceived as "white" varies so much not only by race, but individuals within that race. Because of this, I am growing very wary as to making any concrete assertions with my project. Right now, I want to provoke thought about race through my images as opposed to saying things are "white." I tried this approach with my blog post for Cissy: http://whereiswhiteness.weebly.com/

If anyone wants to give feedback, do you think this is effective and, if not, why?

Cailin Nomad
1/29/2012 11:03:21 am

Hey Claire, my name is Cailin and I am in Cissy Ross's journalism class. I am possibly interested in collaborating with you on your idea of Whiteness. I had an African boyfriend for a year and faced many challenges with that, as well as one of my good friends got accused of raping a white girl a few years ago and has been in jail ever since. He did not have a fair trial and there was little evidence to support her claim against him yet he has been in jail for years for a crime he allegedly committed. I want to talk to him and ask his opinion on the matter as well as talk to my friends from Ghana and see how they feel living in Santa Barbara on a day to day basis. I want to expand upon the idea of racial injustice. Interested in collaborating? I love your photos as well! I would love to get together this week and bounce ideas off each other. Let me know!
my email is cnomad11@gmail.com
Also I loved your band-aid pictures, look forward to meeting you!

Melissa Chhan
1/23/2012 04:34:26 am


Last Wednesday I interviewed Lesly Chan from the Writing 107J class. We both have interests in the garment industry and are going to collaborate on this project. It was helpful to meet with her because it narrowed my focus down to the LA garment industry specifically, and looking at it from 3 different lenses: designers, manufacturers and consumers. Lesly has friends that attend FIDM as well, it will be interesting to get a look at the gaps between the three and see the variety in which they all differ. We also talked about attending the 'United Students Against Sweatshops' (USAS) meeting held on Thursdays at 8pm to see what kinds of topics they discuss there.

Lesly Chan
1/23/2012 07:16:22 am


I've also connected with Sasza Lohrey about joining our collaboration. She is interested in this project and even brought up ideas such as investigating the medical rights of workers in sweatshops and local projects as well. All three of us should get together sometime this week to narrow our focus down and see if we can come up with a way to get into sweatshops. We need to find a good weekend or day to make a trip down to LA as well.

Sasza Lohrey
1/23/2012 01:24:49 pm

I interviewed Lesly Chan from 107J and am planning to collaborate with her and maybe a few other students as well for a project about the LA garment industry. I am specifically interested in trying to gain access to sweatshops and trying get to know some of the workers and learn about their lives in and outside of the factories. I remember someone from another class saying that they knew someone who works in sweatshops, and I would love to get into contact with them, but I can't find the post that they wrote this information in.

I am also continuing brainstorming ideas for my original project about health care. Last year I worked with immigrant workers on a farm in Goleta and I would like to try and continue exploring this relationship and explore health care conditions for legal immigrants and illegal immigrants. I have heard that places such as Fairview Gardens provide home/shelters for their workers and possibly some kind of health care benefits as well.
I am also getting involved with Doctor's Without Walls and a student organization, Street Health Outreach, and I would like to explore the health/medical care of the specific underserved (homeless) populations that these organizations target. I would like to get to know these people and explore the injustices in their stories of how they became homeless. For example, there was a homeless man who froze to death in IV who had a P.H.D. and a Masters degree and had taught at the university level. I think many people do not understand how easy it is to end up on the streets and their stories could not only raise awareness but reveal some of the harshest effects that the economy has had on people of all backgrounds.

Sasza Lohrey
1/23/2012 01:26:57 pm


Jessica Law
1/24/2012 02:42:49 am

I'm interested in animal justice and focusing on abandoned dogs. So, I contacted DAWG for interviewing their staffs and participating in their group. I have made an appointment with them and will get to learn more next week.
Also, I interviewed two girls Katie and Isabella from the other writing class who are interested in a similar topic, and we will work together for our final project.

contact me if you are also interested in this topic =]

Jessica Law
1/24/2012 02:44:08 am


Amy Martinez
1/24/2012 07:50:48 am

I was able to interview Damon Clarke in the sociology 108f. His story was so compelling to me. He was this marine who only went into the marines because he wanted to escape his broken household/family. very conscious and aware of the world. The most striking thing he said was "I have never had the luxury of being ignorant."

Deborah Choi
1/24/2012 01:52:04 pm

I interviewed Natasha Bové in the Writing 107J class. We plan on collaborating for the justice project. She has access to her brother who is an endocrinologist. He is a specialized doctor who gets a lot of diabetes patients because an endocrinologist deals with the endocrine system which deals with hormones. Diabetes patients need help regulating their insulin levels which are best combated through living a healthy lifestyle. But because of their income levels and lack of accessibility, they still eat like crap and rely on medicine to keep them stable. I also have a couple students in mind to interview based on their lifestyle. But I still need to find a way to talk to non-college students.

Deborah Choi

1/24/2012 02:42:57 pm

I interviewed a first year graduate student in the MFA, Chris Silva. The interview went well and I'm working on putting together an interesting image to go along with his topic that deals with transgender people/ identity issues. Our interest of justice projects seems to be at completely two different ends, mine dealing with environmental issues, but I have learned from this interview and may end up collaborating with him further. I'm continuing to work on my website and re-vamp my letter with hopes of hearing back from them soon.

4/27/2012 09:59:19 pm

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