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This week, it's time to get real.
You want to save the world, you want to end the death penalty... You have big ideas, which is excellent, but now is the time to focus in on the POSSIBLE.

This week, we would like you to really lay out your tangible goals for the project and some potential, realistic strategies for accomplishing them.
Pick your "do-able" idea.
and do it.
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Ellen Campbell
1/26/2012 09:10:28 am

This week I went to a KUFF meeting and got contact information from several women who were interested in being interviewed and photographed for my project.

My next step is to write up interview questions about female sexuality: the sexual double standard, what it means to be "ladylike", and anything that may compel these women. I will shoot portraits of them with harsh lighting (I need to talk with Professor Ross about how to go about this). I want to create a book of these females and their quotes. I have several layout ideas I'd like to talk to Harry and Professor Ross about. Also, on Monday I plan on talking to Janice Baldwin to see if she would be interested in participating, as well as seeing if she has ideas for how to get more women involved.

If any women are interested in participating I'd really appreciate it :) My email is: ellencampbell@umail.ucsb.edu

Kiran Dhillon
2/2/2012 01:56:22 am

I really like this idea Ellen!..Especially in IV where I feel it is very prevalent. I am thinkink of working with a group of three girls for a final feature project on sweatshops, but we still need to meet and discuss our ideas. If I find that that path isn't working out, then are you interested in meeting to see if we want to collaborate? Let me know!


Lesly Chan
2/2/2012 11:13:47 am

I didn't even realize you were in this class! I'd love to help out if you still need girls to participate

Amy Martinez
1/26/2012 11:31:22 am

What I am focusing is on street youth or what society has labeled "gang members/criminal" and dress them up in different attire with different poses.

As far as the upcoming powerpoint project, I am going to be questioning what true color is.

Alaina Judd
1/27/2012 02:47:30 pm

I finally heard back from Planned Parenthood this week and am in the process of gaining access to their Santa Barbara location. They have asked me for a list of interview questions and if they approve of them I will hopefully be able to visit next week. I have also teamed up with Carly McMaster from one of the writing classes for this. Together we came up with the interview questions and we will both visit the office. The two of us will be meeting next Tuesday to come up with a strategy for our visit.

I have also begun contacting Crisis Pregnancy Centers to gain access, which Carly is very interested in as well. These are the groups that often protest on campus against abortion with very graphic images. They appear to women experiencing unwanted pregnancies to be a neutral source for guidance, but once the women talk to them they tell them false information and do anything they can to convince them to keep their babies. They are often funded by religious organizations. It seems like my project is beginning to focus more on them than just abortions or Planned Parenthood and why they feel it is moral to enforce their own views on justice onto other people. Hopefully I will get a response from one of the multiple centers I have written to soon so I can begin to visit them for interviews.

If anyone wants to collaborate my email is alainajudd@live.com

richard ross
1/28/2012 11:43:28 am

You are on the right path. Keep going. You will learn something....and hopefully so will I. Keep neutral.

Abby Whyte
2/1/2012 08:09:23 pm

I was sent an email today about the breast cancer org Komen for the Cure. Apparently they are withdrawing support funding from Planned Parenthood (which provides a breast exam service). The recent vice president of the Komen org is apparently radically pro-life. Anyway, just something to check if your interested. :)


Andrea Napoli
1/29/2012 02:15:02 am

I am collaborating with Jill Agonias on yoga in the prison systems. I would like to see how a meditative and calming form of exercise could possibly be life changing for an inmate. I am aware that most prison yard exercise is like lifting weights and trying to be more manly, strong and powerful in a physical way instead of a mental way.

My other idea was about the Los Angeles Unified School District. I tried to get access to schools during school hours and possibly interview principals about the effectiveness of the education system. However, I was denied access due to the fact that LAUSD has received too much bad press and is shut down to all reporters even if the reporting is positive. Since my dad works there I didn't want to put his job in jeopardy. He said however he can take me on tours of the schools after hours and I can see whatever is open and public at the time. I am considering this offer, but really wanted more dynamic photos to add to it.

If we can get access to a prison with a yoga program soon, I would love to photograph that. In the mean time I will research about the education system because my dad can show me statistics through the backdoor of the website that are not revealed on the public site.

Andrea Napoli
1/29/2012 02:15:43 am

my email is andrea.c.napoli@gmail.com
818 926 0146

1/29/2012 11:21:20 am

I plan on getting in touch with the SB humane society to learn about local cases of animal abuse and possibly finding a way to seek out cases with them/the authorities. I discovered two useful websites: one lists all of the known factory farms in the state, the other lists recent cases of animal abuse in the area.

Overall I think it will be most successful to focus on something more local and accessable.

I am still in touch with Tessa from Cissy's class for collaboration on the final project.

alina lipanski

1/29/2012 11:53:14 am

I am planning on getting in contact with Queer Student Union on campus and/or the RCSGD (Resource Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity) to introduce my project and ask if anyone would like to be a part of my portraits/quotes. I am also going to contact Pacific Pride Foundation downtown.

For the presentation, I will be talking about a working artist that uses her photographs to protect the planet's resources. This does not have to do with my topic exactly but she is an artist that is working successfully out in the real world and bringing awareness to topics of environmentalism and trying to make changes with her artwork.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions for my project, let me know. Also, if anyone has any roommates, friends, etc. that identify with the LGBTQ community and would be interested in participating in my project, please let me know. It's okay if they're "out" or if they haven't experienced explicit discrimination. Their identity would be protected if they want to be anonymous.

-Andrea Vargas

Andrea Vargas
1/29/2012 11:54:05 am

Also, I changed my website link to: narrativesofinjustice.wordpress.com

1/29/2012 03:21:38 pm

So finally, I came across an interesting concept that Kevin Liao from writing 109 SS want to work on. The topic will be how officer misconduct could affect the relationship between the law enforcers and civillians. It similar to what professor Victor Rios presented in our photography class so maybe I could also discuss it with him. This coming week, I will be meeting with Kevin and discuss our visions.

Mariana Prestigiacomo
1/30/2012 03:32:48 am

Hi Napatr, I'm Mariana from WRIT107J and I'm interested in your topic. I've been trying out different topics about homelessness and low-income children, etc., but I've also been thinking about officer misconduct. I haven't thought of ways to approach the subject, though; perhaps you can help. My Italian family has always had bad luck with the law, my dad was in juvie, and I was arrested once SO maybe I can provide some insight.
If you're interested in a three-way collaboration, let me know!

mfpresti@gmail.com or 8052846005

Jessica Law
1/29/2012 03:50:35 pm

So, i have contacted DAWG (Dog adoption and Welfare group) and will be visiting the shelter this week. We (Isabella and Katie from Writ 109 SS) are going to look into the ethnic and political aspects. I especially plan to follow on some cases of the abandoned and lost dogs, and the processes of them getting better with socializing with different people and foster homes. There will be more updates by Friday.


Napatr Pat Pumhiran
1/30/2012 01:04:02 am

what an interesting concept Jessica!

Brittany Tippings
1/30/2012 03:25:53 am

(323) 485-8722

So far I am waiting for a response from the Department of Social Services. I spoke to my aunt and she is seeing what she can do (I will be bugging her until I get good news :D) I am collaborating with Allison Ly from the Soc class, we are both really interested in getting to talk to households of IV (low income, single parent) and what it takes to make endsmeat and what help they get from the government, the emotional trials and lives of the children in these families. Allison and I both want to go on a ride along with a social worker to see what their job entails and what kind of families are in the system. We also want to speak with the families and I would like to take identifying photos that links all of the families together (havn't figured out the right way yet...suggestions?) and maybe talk to families of the other end of the spectrum (higher class) and compare what we see and hear. We are also trying to gain access to the childrens center on campus, it won't be easy because children are a touchy subject, because they are mostly children of a different variety then in IV. we are setting up a date to go see the kids at the parks and recreation center.

Abby Whyte
2/1/2012 08:10:48 pm

Hey Y'all,

Im posting my idea here in case you are interested. I am in the journalism class.

I am going to do my feature on stigma toward mental illness. I am going to try to contact a group on campus that works to combat these stigmas called Active Minds. Many people toss around words like bi-polar and schizophrenic when attempting to insult another person. These words are however not to be taken lightly and are hurtful to those that actual have these illnesses. Not only are mental illness stigmatized; they are frowned-upon, kept secret, seen as weakness or, not taken seriously.

The movement to get rid of the negative connotations with mental illness is pretty new. Could be likened to elimination of the N-word, not using 'gay' to mean 'bad' etc. Not many people think about being PC toward mental illness. It blew my mind when I first thought about it so I figure it will make for an interesting feature.

If I can get in touch with this campus group I think I will have a definite direction and a very do-able feature. It probably doesn't hurt that my mom is a mental health care worker either :).

Let me know if you would like to work with me. I think it could be good material for a photojournalist student.


6/4/2012 05:50:34 pm

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