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Cissy Ross
2/8/2012 01:28:04 am

The Social Science Writing class is zeroing in on their topics. Here's a summary of research questions. They are doing their first interview reports next week.

Luis Ceja
Is it just for college athletes not to be paid?

Christopher Elder
How is the United States working with returning war veterans to alleviate post traumatic stress disorder?

Andrew Fisher
Can programs help keep the mentally ill out of jail?

Azusena Gallegos
What are the attitudes about mentally ill people who commit minor crimes ending up in jail?

Ruby Guiterrez
Why do gender expectations create inequalities at home?

Meghan Harris
What are the academic prospects of undocumented students?

Kelly Kastanos
Is the compensation just for people who are falsely incarcerated?

Isabella Lam
Should animal shelters euthanize abandoned animals to control overpopulation?

Michael Lange
How does the globalization of media affect the identity formation of youth in countries other than United States?

Kevin Liao
How do allegations of police brutality affect the relationship between civilians and police officers?

Colin Mak
Should the death penalty be abolished?

Erika Maldonado
Does cultural stigma hinder access to birth control for Latino youth?

Jenah Mangione
How does gender affect the military experiences of U.S. women soliders?

Amy Martinez
gang aesthetics/tattoos, street tribes, & resilience among street life oriented "gang associated youth"

Danita Mendoza
Is it just to arrest people for working without documents?

Katie Ngai
Is it just to use animals to test cosmetic products?

Kristina Parido
How effective are education programs for youth in the juvenile justice system?

Ignacio Rios
How effective is counseling for Latino students before going to college?

Chris Silva
What are policies that cause transgender people in prison to be at risk for sexual abuse?

Christan Schaefer
Should large accounting firms be liable for losses to investors during fraudulent transactions?

Aaron Voit
How can information and communication technologies be used for social/economic justice in developing nations?


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